MSSP Program

MSSP Partner Program

Unleash the Power of Collaboration:
Join the Cyble Partner Network Today and Stay Ahead of Tomorrow's Challenges.

At Cyble, partnerships are at the core of delivering our customers comprehensive and effective cybersecurity solutions. Our MSSP partner program is designed to enable our partners to leverage Cyble’s industry-leading threat intelligence platform to meet the unique needs of their customers.

Cyble’s MSSP partner program is well-suited for service providers specializing in delivering managed security services to their clients. With access to our cutting-edge threat intelligence platform, comprehensive technical support, and a range of sales and marketing resources, our MSSP partners can effectively promote and sell our platform.

What’s in it for you?

Strategic Alignment

Our MSSP partner program is designed to align our services with the strategic goals of your business. We will work closely with you to understand your target markets, customer requirements, and technology offerings to develop joint solutions that meet the unique needs of your customer network.

Platform & Tool Integration with Cyble Vision

Our threat intelligence platform, Cyble Vision, is designed to work seamlessly with various security tools and can be connected via APIs, providing a comprehensive view of potential threats and enabling quick and efficient response times. By integrating our platform with SIEM, SOAR, and other solutions, our partners can streamline their cybersecurity operations and enhance their threat detection and response capabilities.

Joint Solution Development

Our MSSP partner program provides a framework for joint solution development, testing, and validation. We will work with you to develop and test joint solutions that integrate our threat intelligence platform with your managed security services, ensuring seamless implementation and management for your customers.

Technical Support and Training

We provide comprehensive technical support and training to help you integrate and support our threat intelligence platform within your customer environments. This includes access to technical documentation, certification programs, and dedicated technical support teams.

Sales and Marketing Support

We provide a range of sales and marketing support to help you effectively promote our platform to your clients. This includes access to marketing materials, joint marketing programs, and training on how to effectively position and sell our platform.

Joint Go-to-Market Strategy

Our MSSP partner program establishes a joint go-to-market strategy that leverages the strengths of both our companies. This strategy focuses on identifying target markets and customers, developing joint sales and marketing campaigns, and delivering joint solutions that meet the unique needs of your customers.

Partner Portal

Our partner portal provides a centralized location for accessing resources, tracking opportunities, and managing your partnership with us.

Partner Manager

We assign a partner manager to each of our partners to provide personalized support and ensure that you have the right resources you need to be successful.

We are committed to building strong and lasting partnerships with our MSSP partners. As our partner, you can leverage a range of benefits, including discounts, rebates, and market development funds. We’ll work closely with you to develop joint marketing campaigns and identify new sales opportunities to foster the growth of your business. Join our MSSP Partner Program today and start offering your customers the benefits of our industry-leading threat intelligence platform. Together, we can deliver comprehensive and effective cybersecurity solutions to your customers. For more information :
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